there’s no place like home

Hello fanatic followers!
Coming to you live from Westborough MA. The sleeping beauties are pumped to finally get in the proper number of hours required to maintain such stunning complexions. (bedtime is still a strict 9pm)


Anywho, here’s a brief overview of our last week as homeless wanderers. After Seaside we headed up to Astoria (the official ending location of the TransAm). In Astoria we experienced the biggest test of our physical and emotional strength as we conquered this hill – 99.9% grade or something like that – WHILE simultaneously being mocked relentlessly by an onlooking child. “Just wrapping up our xc trip!” we said through tears as we swerved from one side of the ride to the other to prevent ourselves from rolling backwards.


Astoria was lovely. Next we headed back to Portland and spend one more night with Pat and Beth (our former Portland hosts). Twas another beautiful night with these two awesome ladies! And look – we found Ani’s missing sock! (He’s been slumming it with one sock since we left last time. You go Girl!)


After another goodbye (just as many tears as the first time around) we scurried on up to Seattle. As we were biking into the city a scooter appeared next to Suzy and asked the question we love the most: “where ya headed?!” To this Suzy responded “Seattle!!” They gave her a confused look and scooted away. Suzy then realized, this was the moment she’d been waiting for for 70 days.

We did tourist things in Seattle:

The Public Market



Seattle’s newest attraction – Gugz and her fav hat:


Chihuly Garden and Glass:


supah cool


Thennnn we moseyed on up to Edmond (an extremely taxing and strenuous 16 mi ride) to visit some family friends and fellow cyclists (also future xc cyclists!! – Laurie is doing the TransAm next summer!! Good luck Laurie!!) As you can see Suzy and Gugz splurged on a new outfit in order to fit in with the Seattle tourists.


After 2 nights with Shelly, Laurie, and Ben it was time for another goodbye – to our lovely hosts and to our bikes (Edward and Bella). Our bikes are being shipped back to meet us in Westborough, until we meet again, shimmering stallions. Auf Wiedersehen, trusty steeds. Au revoir, frames of steel.

With our stylish, trendy, and wildly ergonomic bags packed we were ready to say goodbye to the West coast and head to the airport. At this airport many weird glances were shot our way. We must have the post xc bike trip glow to us or something.

Watching the country flash beneath us in a matter of hours after spending weeks conquering the beast is… an experience one may say. Another may say degrading, but nonetheless we arrived home safe and sound and are now struggling to adjust to life as a “normal human being”. If you happen to see us wandering the streets, or maybe find us asking if you have a place we can sleep for the night, just do your best to ignore us and send us home, the habits will break, the psychological trauma with subside…

Well that’s all we’ve got. Adios dear readers, it’s been a pleasure sharing our journey with you, and thanks for following our melodramatic stories and adventures!

Clipping out,
Suzy, Gugz, and Ani



Day 66: we made it *<;D 

Words cannot describe our feelings as we soared into seaside yesterday , so I’ll let Kevin Rudolf say it for us:

 I looK up to the sky and now the world is mine I’ve known it all my life I made it I made it 

So to recap our 72 mile day from Hillsboro to seaside we started out with a sad sad goodbye to Sarah – a fellow cycle sister. After that, a surprise climb over the coastal range. Thumbs up Gugz you’re almost there!!! 

(Little did she know that there was a second summit in store for her)


After climbing up and down miles of farmland

After clearing through herd upon herd of viscous attack dogs 

After powering through 800 mph gusts over the high desert that is the mid west 

After too many choco pies (or not enough 😉

After dozens of dark frigid mornings where our hands froze into the handlebars

After countless rounds of gin rummy (we have a running score for the entire trip that is in the thousands)

After meeting more nice people than we knew existed 

Finally…. Drumroll please

It really happened. We made it and put on big smiles for all the haters who didn’t believe. 

Our celebratory dinner. 

West coast baby (don’t worry guys they still have kfc) 

We want to take this time to thank everyone who has helped us along the way. Without fail in every state we have met kind people who have gone out of their way to help us. Even during our lowest lows everyone we’ve met along the way has managed to lift our spirits. We truly mean it when we say we couldn’t have done it without you! 

Kisses to everyone !!


Ani’s flight doesn’t leave for 3 more weeks so he’s heading down the coast to Cali for some gtms there. 

Suzy and Gugz have a flight from Seattle and will continue making their way up the coast. 

Goodbyes were rough, tears were shed, long drawn out hugs were had, but alas… All good things must come to an end… Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened… Cheers

Well there’s really nothing else to says. Thanks for all the support. We’re still fundraising if you’d like to donate.

From here on out we won’t be documenting our journey daily, but expect an update in a week or so! 

Clipping out, 

The transAm riders 

Day 65: in anticipation we writhe

Disclaimer: no biking or harm to cyclists occurred  in the making of this post #restdayinportlandpart2

This morning was not a goodbye but a “until we meet again… ” with our favorite bouldevardier and marathon runner…  We had a super fun stay with these two lovely ladies and will definitely be seeing them in the future

We managed to dry our tears in anticipation of the legendary voodoo donuts. We actually just  casually met a couple of friends there… You know how it is… Bike across the country and grab donuts and coffee with your friends (coast to coast imagoites if you will)

Just a close up shot of the Lucky sardines themselves (though it’s hard to identify them sans uniforms and braces)

We the. took advantage of the diverse scene in Portland an indulged in some tasty Indian food (to those of you wondering we don’t actually bike… We just go from place to place in search of food) Suzy and Gugz were unable to decipher the complicated menu until their strong manly Indian Friend arrived and was able to guide them to the best possible choices. He’s a real Sacajawea folks.  

After physically testing ourselves by stretching our stomachs so much, we decided to mentally test ourselves and see if we were still literate by paying a visit to the Powell bookstore which is an entire city block. It was a little dicey for a while but after finding “go dog go” we came to the conclusion that we are indeed still literate. Our parents should be proud’.

Well that’s all for tonight folks but stay tuned… Word on the street is that BoB (the clever acronym for buttsonbicycles)has some big things planned for tomorrow….

Clipping out,

The sneaky cyclists 

day 64: cyclists hit Tha floor 

After a blissful night of cuddling with mr buddy Bruno we sprung out of bed and lept tush first into the saddle of our unloaded bikes. (Rest daaayyy in Portland) 

Oh ya by the way: Beware of biker corpses in the street portland

First we hit up the rose garden. Feast your eyes 



A rose between two thorns 

Next we stopped at the Japanese Garden 

We’ve been craving a dose of zen for a while now and Lemme tell you the feng shui here did not disappoint 

We feel very at peace with the world now am ready to tackle whatever the rest of the country  has to throw at us (including but not limited to soda cans) 

We resisted the urge to hop into the koi pond with these handsome young fellows though the above 40 degree temperatures and sunny skies were quite a shock tous…. We felt rather underdressed today wearing nothing but *gasp* shorts and a Tshirt. 

Our stomachs yelped as we hopped on our trusty steeds and darted towards food cart nation. Overwhelming is one word. 

In the end we decided on some pulled fork and this scrumptious falafel to satisfy the anxious groans of our forever empty and endless pits. 

Well after our  lovely day spent wandering portland we are very happy to be sitting around playing cards and eating cookie dough (Suzy’s beady eyes are filled with self hatred  as she continues to stuff handfuls down her gullet. Fortunately b tomorrow she will have forgotten about this experience and will be ready to eat her own body weight.  She is incredibly resilient)

Clipping put, 

The grouchy ghouls

Day 63: close enough to smell the sea

this morning we woke up to the always welcome sound of our alarms (heaven forbid we sleep the day away!!!) and immediately Got to work on planning on how to spend our sunday. After much brainstorming and careful deliberation we decided that we were due for some cycling. And 105 miles later, here we are in portland, feelin quite at home in hipster heaven (seriously take It from  us, cycling shorts are so NoT mainstream these days *aggressive coffee slurp*). So just a quick recap of our day…..

Ani   Partakes in the wonders of THE BEST BISCUITS AND GRAVY OF THE TRIP THUS FAR (capitalized for respect) courtesy of a new friend in detroit, Kurt. Detroit was chockfull of welcoming people who for some reason didn’t mind our rank smell and sad joked – Twas a sad goodbye 

The lovely scenery really eased us back into the saddle. We know, it doesn’t hold a candle to lake chauncy of westborough Massachusetts … But we settled. 

Suzys bike was just looking so great today that she had to toss in it the pic… It really pulls the image together. 

After a little while in the saddle Suzy took a short detour an paid a visit to her family in lil sweden. 

Helloooo  family !

One of our many FAQs is “wha happens if nature calls and there are no bathrooms nearby??” 

Well my friends, the country has actually set up porta potty kingdoms like this one here for this dilemma that so many people struggle with . Tiny bladder? No problem! 

Just one of the many beautiful things we’ve seen in our ventures of this lovely country

We have a confession: we don just like choco pies… We LIKE like them.  We came to this realization today when mrs. Freshey’s creation slipped right down our esophagus’ without a second thought. 

Gurgly enthusiastically shovels it down as suzy looks on with jealousy 

As we took part in the treacherous Sunday rush hour traffic (a true hipster works on Sunday ) into portland we stumbled upon a beautiful piece of architecture. The enormous concrete slab reminded us of home so we stopped to shed a tear and sing our university’s alma mater. 

So after a lovely day in the saddle  we soared into the loving embrace of pat an Beth ( Gugz’ step mom’s aunt and her partner) who were preparing homemade pizza when we arrived. Yummmm. Gugz struggles to flash her winning smile as her mouth overflows with beth’s  pizza. 

Well pat and Beth have tucked us in and after a long day we’ve never ben more excited to hit the hay. 

Good night all

Clipping out, 

The cheerful chumps

day 62: yodel lay EEE yodel lay EEE yodel lay EEE ooooo

Soo 10 miles after scooting out of Bend this morning suzy got her umpteenth flat of the past 48 hours. Luckily right after shimmying a patched inner tube into place an angel appeared and told her to not be afraid – she will pump it up FOR her. 

A few miles later… This happened. Ok I don’t know if it’s the recent onset of chronic delirium or the excess saddle time but To be completely honest the choco pies are definitely growing on me (it’s truly sickening  the way Susannah’s eyes light up with glee when we find choco pie . We’re hoping it’s a phase that she’ll grow out of)

As we rode something quite interesting began happening to the scenery around us….. (SideNote: check out the enthusiasm captured below in the face of this passionate transAm rider). 

Some strange growths began to clutter our previously unobscured view of the glorious high desert. We frantically pedaled as fast as we could, desperate to once again see endless miles of empty sand but alas… These “trees” weren’t going anywhere. 

As we climbed into the headwind to the summit of Santium pass the temperature dropped and the nice cloud coverage was kind enough to send some showers our way. We were in need- thank you! 

The lovely breeze against our shivering bones was just magical as we made our descent. It actually was quite beautiful – bubbling creeks, lush trees, the sweet scent of a post rain forest reminiscent of a Yankee candle….Unfortunately Suzy’s phone wasn’t man enough for the cold and shut down before she could snap any shots. The cycling superstars stood much stronger against the cold (by which we mean we managed to avoid shedding tears) and after a chilly 80 miles soared into Detroit just in time for the fishing derby! 

Aaand the special at the local restaurant. Ani tries ribs for the first time! Suzy and Gugz quietly hummed the national anthem when he took his first bite.

After hanging with some detroit townies we met Debbie, a very kind soul who invited us to spend the night at her house for the night. Yipeee! We were long overdue for a shower (not that our douse earlier today didn’t do wonders) and some laundry. Well we’re all tucked in and will dream of the bright lights of Portland tonight. 

Clipping out, 

The yodeling yarn.children 

Day 61: my poor thumbs 

Wel l although this sign got us all excited for today’s haul through yet another stretch of the high desert, unfortunately…… (caption continued below. Pause necessary for appropriate suspense)

THIS happened to Suzys tire and inner tubes were not forthcoming. All the ones we had with us were either the wrong size or simply refused to retain air. Suzy and her thumbs are still trying to recover (physically mentally and emotionally) after she valiantly went through 4 tirés changes that all ended with yet another deflated tire . Seeing as there was absolutely nothing within 130 miles of us we had no choice but to hitch rides.  Although we were.absolutely devastated we quickly recovered and thoroughly enjoyed effortlessly cruising up every uphill ad mocking the poor misguided fools we saw who were voluntarily biking (we think they were biking for fun. Apparently people do that. We’re still some investigation on it so don’t quote  us) 

Anyhoooo this story has a happy ending: we’re safely in bend and suzy has a fresh new inner tube that the nice bike store man put on for her and everything. 

Nighty night 

Clipping out, 

The babbling buffoons

Ani, Suzy, and Gugz bike across the country!